Telserv is a full-service provider of advanced remote network management and monitoring solutions for companies of all sizes. Our comprehensive menu of IP Telephony (IPT), Traditional PBX, and Data Network support services provides cost savings with an extra layer of security and back up, 24x7, in our Network Operations Center (NOC) conveniently located in Central New England.

Telserv’s expansive portfolio of fault management and IPT performance solutions are provider neutral, and serviced by Telserv employees. When once determined that the issue cannot be repaired remotely, we dispatch one of our 40+ qualified technicians who are on-site in less than two hours.

We Monitor More than 100,000 Ports Including:

Carrier circuits
Ancillary equipment
Layer 2 & 3 devices
Legacy PBXs
ALL alarms are collected and technicians are alerted to perform our Rapid Response to Remedy

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